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We provide our services to the following areas: St-Laurent, Lachine, Dorval, Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Pointe-Claire, Kirkland, West Island, Vaudreuil-Dorion, Pincourt, Ile-Perrot, St-Lazare, and Hudson.
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Irrigation Spring Startup Instructions

Many of our customers over the years have asked us to provide them with instructions to start-up their own system. Here they are. We recommend hiring Landcare to do this at least every three years to ensure your system is always performing at its peak. Keep in mind that your irrigation system is affected by plant growth as well as any changes you have made to the exterior of your property.

  1. Check the plan (if applicable).
  2. Open main water valve slowly. Ball valves have a lever-like handle that must be parallel to the pipe when fully opened. Gate valves have round faucet-like handles and must be turned counter-clockwise several complete rotations to be fully opened. Open the valve slightly and listen carefully for the flow of water to eventually stop - this will ensure that there are no leaks on the main line. Additionally, you can close the valve and listen to make sure there isn’t any water flowing. Open the valve fully. Note: if your system uses a pump as its waters supply, several additional steps must be followed.
  3. If water does not stop flowing, there is either a leak somewhere or a valve may have been left open in one of the valve boxes outside (you may access those valves by opening the green plastic cover of the valve boxes in the ground). If a valve is opened, make sure all screws and knobs on the valves are hand-tight (depending on the type of valve, it could take up to 5 minutes to shut if it was left opened).
  4. Plug in the timer and activate the each zone so that you may perform a visual inspection (note: a rain sensor that has recently received rainfall may prevent the system from activating). Check to see that all sprinklers are spraying properly based on the following:
    • Rotating properly (some heads rotate, some do not)
    • Have proper operating pressure (this may be result of a leak or more than one zone watering at a time)
    • Spraying areas of the property that they are supposed to
    • Popping up and retracting (some heads in planting beds do not retract)
    • Check for leaks
    • Ensure all heads are not crooked and are at the proper level
  5. Make sure the system is verified for all areas of the property.
  6. Install a new battery in the timer (if applicable) and program it as per your municipal watering restrictions. Here are some helpful programming hints:
    • It is better to water less frequently for a longer duration than vice versa.
    • Lower the watering duration of shady areas of your property and increase the duration for sunny, windy, and/or heavily sloped areas.
    • Drip line for cedar hedges should run every 3 days for approx. 3 to 4 hours.
    • Automatic fill-up systems for ponds, fountains, and waterfalls need to run every day for 5 to 10 minutes. We recommend that they run at noon to make it more convenient for you to verify.
  7. If any grass has grown over the valve boxes, cut it away so that they are easily located in the future. Make sure all valve box covers are closed.
  8. Note any repairs, adjustments, or modifications that are required. Please note that Landcare offers a full range of products and services. You may make a request for a service call or to purchase replacement parts through our newly updated website or by calling our office.